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Impala P0641 stalls at idle

So my transmission just got taken down, had the TC replaced, reinstalled, and reprogrammed. Car is a 2016 Chevy Impala with the V6. GF picks up the car and it runs on low power mode. Autozone scans the car (picture A) and they tell her the most likely fix is replacing the MAF. I told her that I had my doubts that it would help and suggested that I’ll have to chase a 5V power issue when I’m back. Well given she’s can turn a wrench, she goes and buys a new MAF and installs it. She drives it to my house and tells me that while it drives better with the new sensor, it cuts out and dies when at idle. She goes back to Autozone and they pull picture B codes. Now if it’s important to know, last week before the heat wave I over charged my AC and I flooded the compressor, so I had to discharge a bit of gas to bring the pressure down and make the AC work well. Looking at things, and with guiding her with my code reader live data screen, we can see that my MAF, and both O2 sensors are reading air values and holding a steady voltage under 0.95 V when holding the engine at 3500 rpm for 10 seconds. So I could be really in left field here, but my gut tells me that if the values of the MAF are reading values, and the O2s are steady at 3500 rpm but dancing around between the two banks when at idle, then the 5v VREF feeding the MAF and throttle body are working and those parts are working as expected. What I can’t figure out is what to look at next that could cause it to work at higher RPMs but quit at idle. Part of me wants to think fuel pressure, but how would that be affected with a 5v VREF code at idle?

2024-06-22 07:55:52

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