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Eyelid Resection and Vestibular Disease; Sanity check and thoughts please

First, my current vet is amazing and I absolutely trust them. But I also believe in the hive mind. So, I am here for a sanity check on some post op healing (so I don’t call them for a hundredth time) and just to see if there are any thoughts out there for another issue. Some patient info first, followed by each issue question later. Dog, lab mix, ~12 yo, 65 pounds, female, spayed. She’s diabetic, generally well controlled with twice daily insulin. Sanity check: she had a mass surgically removed from her eyelid 8 days ago. We were in the ER two nights ago for new issues (see below) and during the visit they said the incision looks good. But now I think it looks different. But I can’t tell if it’s just from healing, or if something may be wrong. Maybe it’s slightly swollen but really hard to tell when comparing to other eye. Also the hairless area above suture looks slightly red. So, does this warrant another check up or not? And if so how soon (we have appointment for Monday). Pictures in link: https://imgur.com/gallery/rN8eYfM Now for the other thoughts request: the ER visit was due to her suddenly becoming ataxic, to the point where she couldn’t even walk on her own. Checked glucose, but it was high, not low (this occurred just before her dinner and evening insulin does). Also noticed nystagmus. Before this she had shown brief signs of bad balance like leaning or stumbling, but they lasted less than a minute and were subtle enough to blame on her cone or increased pain med dosage. This incident was much longer and far worse. She regained some coordination and was able to walk around, but still wobbly and continued eye movement after 15 minutes. So we made trip to ER. By the time we got there she was almost completely back to normal, though still a little wobbly. They did an exam and blood work. Nothing crazy found besides high glucose, potassium, and lactate (I think, lactic? “Her muscles working hard indication” is what was said to me). Diagnosed with a vestibular disease, maybe idiopathic, maybe something worse, we’d need imaging to say for sure. We get her home and she eats, takes her meds, and gets insulin like normal. Stands on her own and all good. I take her out side to potty and the symptoms start coming back in a big way. I have to hold her up and guide her back in. Finally get her back in and settled down and can see constant nystagmus, even with her eyes closed you can see movement. She’s been like that ever since. She’s on anti nausea meds. They seem to help some. A couple times she’s been able to get up and move a bit on her own, though shaky and clumsy. Most times I have to help her and support her constantly. Head tilt is there at times. Generally with me guiding and supporting we can walk a straightish line. But a few times she has just wanted to circle and I have to all but carry her back inside. Eating and drinking mostly normal, if a little hesitant. And she is otherwise as much of her normal self as she can be; curious about what I’m doing and trying to stop and smell everything outside. So yah. I’ve read everything I can on vestibular disease. Old dog idiopathic. Legions on brain or spine. Infections and toxins. Seems like it being idiopathic is best case. But I’m just wondering if there are any other thoughts out there. Anything else I can do. Thanks much <3

2024-06-22 04:15:16

how do i make relatively fast and large amounts of liquid hydrogen?

so i am not that smart enough to manage to make a liquid hydrogen design on my own and i never will be that smart enough to do so. Thats why i watched a tutorial of gc fungus and built it just like in the video BUT i am not getting that large of an amount of liquid hydrogen as i hoped. This setup is now 100 cycles old and i managed to get only like 200 kg or less of spare for my rockets (i think you need a large tank of liquid to stabilize the temperature in there, of course in this photo i have more than 200 kg) so i need help is there a better or simpler design to get as much liquid hydrogen as possible and not in like 1000 cycles? or maybe i built something wrong idk im not good at this game, IF i built something wron it has probably to do something with the temperature change state? atleast thats my assumption but i dont know what exactly these info graphs are saying to me. Pls help im so confused and desperate as i want to explore space but i cant... my hydro sensor is built out of tungsten could be because of that that my hydrogen isnt stable? [the backwalls are out of sedimentary rock, pump out of gold, piping of course ceramic, hydro sensor out of tungsten, tempshift and window tile out of diamond](https://preview.redd.it/04e3i8yat18d1.png?width=1238&format=png&auto=webp&s=1632cd43cb306f1777c816a3f9e35b5cf82dc26c) [red means high energy state change but why is there so much red??? do i need to keep the liquid moving??? anyway green means stable and blue low energy state change](https://preview.redd.it/t89u5byat18d1.png?width=1041&format=png&auto=webp&s=5e716846cd41d8b96073beb40a02f84249864b93) https://preview.redd.it/qcssf8yat18d1.png?width=1208&format=png&auto=webp&s=a7372734bfdaab3569d36284483a9a2bfeb2334f

2024-06-22 04:14:31

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