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[USA-OH] [H] Switch, Wii, 3DS, DS, PSX, PS2, and PSP Games [W] Paypal

Hello! Shipping is $7 for any purchase under $75, and free for anything $75 and over. I can get pics if interested. **Nintendo Switch** Super Mario Odyssey Loose - $25 Mario Tennis Aces CIB - $25 Super Mario 3D All-Stars CIB - $65 **Wii** New Super Mario Bros. Wii loose - $15 **3DS** Mario Tennis Open Loose - $7 Splinter Cell 3D Loose - $4 Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don't Know Loose - $7 Ocarina of Time 3D Loose - $12 Mario Kart 7 Loose - $9 Mario Kart 7 Loose (Gamestop Sticker) - $7 Animal Crossing New Leaf Loose - $12 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate CIB - $15 Pokemon Y Loose x2 - $22 each Pokemon Moon Loose - $10 Paper Mario Sticker Star Loose - $9 Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Loose - $7 Fire Emblem Fates Conquest CIB - $20 **DS** Pokemon SoulSilver Loose - $105 Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Loose - $30 Spore Creatures Loose - $5 Castlevania Portrait of Ruin CIB - $40 The Sims 2: Castaway Loose - $10 Super Mario 64 DS Loose - $11 SMT: Devil Survivor 2 CIB - $25 **Playstation 2** GTA III Game and Box x2 - $6 each Mega Man Anniversary Collection CIB - $6 Sonic Heroes Game and Box - $7 Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy Loose - $40 Red Ninja End of Honor Game and Box - $60 **Playstation** Resident Evil 2 Loose - $15 Loose Lot - Gran Turismo, Rally Cross 2, Namco Museum Vol. 3, Syphon Filter, Army Men World War, HardBall '99, Madden 2001, Jet Moto, Jet Moto 2, Olympic Summer Games Atlanta 96, XS Moto, Madden 2000, Cool Boarders 2001 - $45 **PSP** Silent Hill Origins CIB - $40 Phantasy Star Portable 2 CIB - $45 Final Fantasy CIB - $10 The Cave UMD Loose - $5 Family Guy: The Freakin Sweet Collection UMD Loose - $5 GTA Vice City Stories Loose - $13

2024-06-22 03:51:06

Rectum pressure and blood streak

I had minor bleeding, streaks on stool only, every other day along with itching, pressure and pain in the rectum/anus. I went to a GI a month ago, 2 weeks after my last bleed, itching went away after using Prep H for 2 weeks. 6 weeks I was feeling better after taking peppermint oil and getting more fiber. This also improved discomfort on left side of abdomen. Last week I ate spicy food on a daily basis and more red meat. I began to feel pressure on rectum especially in the morning upon waking up. I’m assuming my rectum gets full and I have to poop to feel relief. My rectum burns and have mild pain when pooping, and this morning I noticed a red streak on one side of my stool. It’s like blood collects at the bottom of stool and as it’s pushed, it streaks on one side of the stool until it’s depleted. I had this happen 6 weeks ago as mentioned. There’s no blood on TP or subsequent stools. My GI advised to do a follow up if I had bleeding again. I had blood work done and test for H Pylori, all normal last time. Like I mentioned before, I usually feel heaviness on my rectum when it’s “full”, sometimes burn sensation when passing a bowel. My bowel movements are consistent, twice a day, solid stools, light to dark brown color depending on food ate. Never had constipation nor diarrhea unless I eat or drink irritants. Could this be another flare? Should I wait to do a follow up? I’m cutting down on spicy food and see if things get better.

2024-06-22 03:51:03

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