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Do you guys ever scare yourself in the middle of the night because your dreams are too vivid and you can't shut them off?

I know this title probably sounds natural upon first glance which it might as well be, but isn't a nightmare a lot worse for us MDers or is it just me? So I've woken up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare. I'm an adult. I'm in a locked house. I'm in a nice cosy room. There is someone else in my room (a family member) and my room isn't near the door or easy to access at all. So I'm safe. But somehow my brain is refusing to believe this and is morphing every tired black spot into horror faces all because a few Thats Not My Neighbour faces upset me earlier. This is my issue. My overly sensitive and active imagination is senselessly making me feel unsafe and scared. I'm fine. There's literally nothing wrong with my house or where I am. But I'm not gonna be able to sleep all the same. I cant tell whether this is happening because I tried to insert myself into the game earlier? I don't think I should of done that as now it's all a little more realistic. My oc was trying to make friends with the monsters too... Probably a red flag there as to the fact that I am scared and disturbed by some of their looks. I didn't want to succumb to my fears of the game though as it generally isn't scary. And it's fun. I'm not a huge fan of horror but I like a thriller. Also the milkman is hot as hell. So many edits have been created of him and he's adorable. I found the game through music. Once again, I love the song so I shouldn't of dreamt to it earlier as the song is playing rent free which isn't helping this game get out of my mind so I can sleep. And for some reason I've told myself Im not even gonna try going to sleep until it hits 4. I hate the witching hour although there's literally nothing wrong with it. Its just hit 4 now so maybe my chances of a sleep are bettered but it's so hard trying to sleep when my brain is just thinking of these entities standing at the bottom of my bed. Like no, go away!!! Why can't my brain and dreaming skills have a power button!!! Does anyone else scare themselves senseless during the night because they've tried to dreamily connect to some universe they shouldn't of? And then become unable to get the universe off of their mind so become incapable of sleep for the rest of the night?

2024-06-22 03:08:21

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